The Preconscious E​.​P.

by Red King

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released June 9, 2016

All Lyrics/Vocals by Red King. Except on Gunpowder plot, co-written and featuring Shabz.

Icarus & Shitfaced Produced by Daichi/Akira

Spider & Gunpowder Plot Produced by Jack Freegard

All tracks Mixed & Mastered by Jack Freegard

Spider (Blue Ruin Version) Produced, mixed and mastered by Blue Ruin



all rights reserved


Red King Scotland, UK


Debut E.P. "Subconscious E.P."

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Track Name: Spider
(Verse 1)
First up’s the lesson that you better learn,
To progress cause the second is the session i’ll burn
And third is the word that you hear around town
Cause usurpers get murdered for claiming the crown
And fourth is of course the force flows from within
So the fifth, thats the wish that you make to the wind
And six is the storm thats about to begin
Because seven is the number that I roll when I sin
Eighth is the greatness the letters that make up,
The name of the faithless one starting to shine
And nine is the kind you won’t find in your rhymes
Because 10 is the weapon that I keep in my mind
And 11 is the lesson that i’m hoping you’re noting
The storm has now started and the heavens have opened
I’ve broken my promise so keep your eyes open
Cause 12 is upon us and the monarch has spoken

This is for the people who fell from the fire
Those with the belief to never cease to climb higher
This is for the people who see truth through the liars
Those who make the moves to raise the roof and empires
This is for the ones who put it all on the line
Who have fallen from the heights but get up one more time
This is for the people who see truth in the designs
Cause nothing said true can be said out of line

(Verse 2)
Let me explain how it is to be a king and have no crown
Live to fight , fight to win and still fall down
One minute I’m hopeless, you can hear me screaming out,
The next and I’m blessed on the best clear route
And its blatant I can’t take it but I’m trying,
They hate it cause theyre facing its the face of the defiant
Chasing never shaking when I’m battling these giants
But i can see the light at the end and its blinding
Blood ink and tears seep from my sweet science
But i face my fears with the heart of a lion
And i might stand alone so close to denying
My dreams and hopes but i won’t cease fire
Over my cold bones they gon have to pry em
Cause im going for the throne through tragedy and triumph
You can hide behind your walls which youre oh so reliant,
Ill pick them a apart just to show you im not lying
Track Name: Shitfaced
I’m feeling kinda high again, fighting this leviathan.
My mind’s eye flies from the place that I am lying in.
Try to get by running dry from my supply again,
But the guy that I buy from won’t reply, it’s not surprising.
SO I head the off license for cigs and tonic wine and I find a bag of
Grime I forgot to take last night.
Aw, shit, the M-Cats out of the bag again,
Instead of writing lines I am sat in and i’m racking them,
I chase white lines that erase my mind, but it’s safe cause I’m blazed and
I’ll take my time.
Man, in this lifetime, you gotta live it up,
So I’m calling up my mates and we’re heading to the club.
Now I’m in a muddle, befuddled and fucked up,
Find me punch drunk in a puddle of young bloods.
Man, this club’s full of dumb cunts,
I think I need another one.
Get ready for the drop, cause I think we’re going under son.
As long as i’m shitfaced, as long as I’m blazed,
As long as I’m gone for days,
Yeah, whatever it takes, to get me out of this place,
This monotonous maze,
Where the rain paints pictures in 50 shades of grey.
Obscenities stutter out from my gutter mouth,
I don’t wanna raise the roof, I wanna burn this fucker down.
I was chatting to this girl but I never got her number, now-
I’m standing outside and I’m starting to wonder how-
-I’m gonna get home.
Batteries gone on my phone;
And I spent all I had on this big bag of ‘Drone.
Now there’s someone I know,
From a long time ago, says he’s having a party
And it’s just down the road.
Man, I’ve seen sense once but I haven’t seen it since.
So I’m like: “Safe, just show me where it is.”
When we get to the place,
And he opens he gates,
All I see is demons with snarls on their face.
Now I’m thinking they’re getting hungry and they’re looking at me.
So I’m heading to the door like I got somewhere to be.
But there’s the girl from the club, and she hands me a key.
So I take another dunt and suddenly I see.
Fed naked to the flames,
It’s running through my veins,
I’m feeling like my whole worlds twisted and deranged.
I can’t seem to see staright, I’m slipping from my brain.
Man, this melancholy holiday is driving me insane.
Got nothing left to say, there’s nowhere else to go.
There’s nothing I can do, I am losing my composure.
I am so sure I’m disgusting, thinking that I’ve lost the plot,
Coughing up these gobs of snot,
Rushin’ and spaced like a cosmonaut,
I wanna stop, these walls from spinning
And my ears from ringing.
While the room keeps revolving,
I’m looking for a deep dark hole that I can crawl in, i’m falling.
I’ve nearly reached the bottom of this pit,
A long lost abyss,
Where the walls whisper words of all the chances that I’ve missed.
It’s the flicking of the switch, the turning of the screw.
Reality is calling and I’m hanging up on you---
Track Name: Icarus
Reach Up, Reach out and Spread those wings
Learn from defeat, we’re the death of kings
I don’t wanna be the one to see the sun and plummet down,
Tell my why you’re running now, why you’re running now.
That lot, cannot, deface my dreams
I will not, still plot, replace these schemes
I don’t wanna be the one to see the sun and plummet
Tell me what you’re running from, tell my why you’re running.
Sicker than the skeletons that hide inside your sordid dreams
With fickle tricks, cut a cicatrix across the seams
When the pens might fails then that sword will seem-
-seductive, a rush just to cut across these cornered sheep,
That’s sorta mean, but I’m losing sleep from counting them,
The hardest artist drawing blood when I pick up my fountain pen,
I’ll count to ten,
But it’s already kissed the canvas,
I’m a beast when I speak, preach deep in every language,
I feast on the weak and this beat has made me famished,
So I’ll damage all you amateurs who try to test my stamina
And I don’t need a camera, for you to get the fucking picture,
My words can paint with razorblades and tear this fucking frame to splinters
Enter the Ninja
Master of this game of death, a Nameless Dread,
Who came to take this game to bed and fuck her till she calls me king
Says my name across the ages: RED
Dream until the day I’m dead,
freedom with my dying breath.


As I walk through the city where the rain’s never ceasing
I’m never sleeping, walking while I’m lucid dreaming
Stupid screaming
Is drowning out the relevance, I’m counting down the days until they fade away from prevalence
With acrobatic eloquence the evidence presented to you,
Flip the script on fickle bitches vicious lyrics ripping through you
Don’t get it do you?
It’s not like me to lie to you, deny the truth, a loss for words the hangman’s turn to tie the noose
Now you’re on the ropes
Slippin like a bar of soap, wishin it was different but you never really had a hope
It’s up in smoke,
When you’re playing with fire, immolate all my haters till the day I retire
What you running from?
When you try to save face, this isn’t drum and bass but I got status to chase
So I’ll take my place, at the top of the anthill
Gridlock the pawns at the bottom and bring the board to a standstill.