by Red King X Daichi

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Red King X Daichi-Icaurs


Reach Up, Reach out and Spread those wings
Learn from defeat, we’re the death of kings
I don’t wanna be the one to see the sun and plummet down,
Tell my why you’re running now, why you’re running now.
That lot, cannot, deface my dreams
I will not, still plot, replace these schemes
I don’t wanna be the one to see the sun and plummet
Tell me what you’re running from, tell my why you’re running.
Sicker than the skeletons that hide inside your sordid dreams
With fickle tricks, cut a cicatrix across the seams
When the pens might fails then that sword will seem-
-seductive, a rush just to cut across these cornered sheep,
That’s sorta mean, but I’m losing sleep from counting them,
The hardest artist drawing blood when I pick up my fountain pen,
I’ll count to ten,
But it’s already kissed the canvas,
I’m a beast when I speak, preach deep in every language,
I feast on the weak and this beat has made me famished,
So I’ll damage all you amateurs who try to test my stamina
And I don’t need a camera, for you to get the fucking picture,
My words can paint with razorblades and tear this fucking frame to splinters
Enter the Ninja
Master of this game of death, a Nameless Dread,
Who came to take this game to bed and fuck her till she calls me king
Says my name across the ages: RED
Dream until the day I’m dead,
freedom with my dying breath.


As I walk through the city where the rain’s never ceasing
I’m never sleeping, walking while I’m lucid dreaming
Stupid screaming
Is drowning out the relevance, I’m counting down the days until they fade away from prevalence
With acrobatic eloquence the evidence presented to you,
Flip the script on fickle bitches vicious lyrics ripping through you
Don’t get it do you?
It’s not like me to lie to you, deny the truth, a loss for words the hangman’s turn to tie the noose
Now you’re on the ropes
Slippin like a bar of soap, wishin it was different but you never really had a hope
It’s up in smoke,
When you’re playing with fire, immolate all my haters till the day I retire
What you running from?
When you try to save face, this isn’t drum and bass but I got status to chase
So I’ll take my place, at the top of the anthill
Gridlock the pawns at the bottom and bring the board to a standstill.


released April 19, 2016
Vocals: Red King
Instrumental: Daichi
Mixed/Mastered: Jack Freegard



all rights reserved


Red King Scotland, UK


Debut E.P. "Subconscious E.P."

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