Spider (Blue Ruin Edition)

by Red King X Blue Ruin

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(Verse 1)
First up’s the lesson that you better learn,
To progress cause the second is the session i’ll burn
And third is the word that you hear around town
Cause usurpers get murdered for claiming the crown
And fourth is of course the force flows from within
So the fifth, thats the wish that you make to the wind
And six is the storm thats about to begin
Because seven is the number that I roll when I sin
Eighth is the greatness the letters that make up,
The name of the faithless one starting to shine
And nine is the kind you won’t find in your rhymes
Because 10 is the weapon that I keep in my mind
And 11 is the lesson that i’m hoping you’re noting
The storm has now started and the heavens have opened
I’ve broken my promise so keep your eyes open
Cause 12 is upon us and the monarch has spoken
This is for the people who fell from the fire
Those with the belief to never cease to climb higher
This is for the people who see truth through the liars
Those who make the moves to raise the roof and empires
This is for the ones who put it all on the line
Who have fallen from the heights but get up one more time
This is for the people who see truth in the designs
Cause nothing said true can be said out of line
(Verse 2)
Let me explain how it is to be a king and have no crown
Live to fight , fight to win and still fall down
One minute I’m hopeless, you can hear me screaming out,
The next and I’m blessed on the best clear route
And its blatant I can’t take it but I’m trying,
They hate it cause theyre facing its the face of the defiant
Chasing never shaking when I’m battling these giants
But i can see the light at the end and its blinding
Blood ink and tears seep from my sweet science
But i face my fears with the heart of a lion
And i might stand alone so close to denying
My dreams and hopes but i won’t cease fire
Over my cold bones they gon have to pry em
Cause im going for the throne through tragedy and triumph
You can hide behind your walls which you're oh so reliant,
Ill pick apart the stones just to show you I'm not lying



released April 27, 2016
Vocals: Red King
Instrumental/Mixed/Mastered: Blue Ruin

Original version from the unreleased "Propriate Striving E.P."



all rights reserved


Red King Scotland, UK


Debut E.P. "Subconscious E.P."

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